Koo, Twitter’s desi rival, closes down

Social media app ‘Koo‘ is closed yesterday. Koo, which in the early days claimed to be a competitor and alternative to Twitter (currently X), no longer works. The company’s co-founders wrote a letter on ‘LinkedIn’ with a heavy heart saying that this tough decision was taken because their plans did not go as planned. Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka wrote to say ‘good bye’ to the small yellow bird (app logo). He said that his platform will no longer provide services to people. It has been explained that this decision was taken after the efforts made to partner with many leading Internet companies and media companies did not progress as planned. Even if there are no partners, we wanted the app to continue. However, the cost of technical services to run the app has become huge and that it is being closed.

* At one point, Koo had 21 lakh daily active users including 9,000 celebrities and 10 million active monthly users.
* In 2022, Koo was expected to overtake Twitter in few months, but the founders said they had to step back due to lack of capital.
* During the conflict of Indian government with Twitter in 2021, ‘Koo’ came into limelight in our country. Government departments as well as ministers have supported this platform.

Currently, Koo website shows this notice:

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