BSNL EVDO now offers fast internet at a cheaper rate

BSNL slashed the EVDO tariff to boost their customer base. Now, tariff has become cheaper with unlimited download. National roaming is made free, so now you can access internet through EVDO anywhere in India.

EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) is a revolution in wireless boradbrand. It is small in size like a USB pen drive and offers a great internet speed. You can carry it in your pocket and just plug into PC or laptop and access net.

BSNL EVDO Data Card now offers up to 3.1 Mbps speed and tariff is Rs.750 per month in metros. You can rent or purchase the device outright. BSNL says that the tariff depends on the city. It is available in selected cities and BSNL today advertised about it on all newspapers. This offers ends on 31st March, 2010. So, hurry up and get one. Don’t forget to visit the nearest BSNL office to know how much speed you can get in your locality. Speed varies from location to location.

Visit the nearest BSNL office to know the EVDO device cost and exact tariff.

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  1. I need this connection. I am from Nanganallur. Wanna check connectivity, so please reply me soon.

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