116 devotees died at Bhole Baba Satsang stampede in Hathras, UP

A very tragic incident took place on Tuesday in Phulrai village of Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh where the devotees who had come to collect Bhole Baba’s foot dust died in stampede. A stampede ensued as people flocked to have a glimpse of Bhole Baba, who is famous in the region, and tried to collect the dust from around his feet. 116 people were killed in this incident. Hundreds were injured. Among the deceased were 108 women and 7 children. It is expected that the death toll may increase further.

The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered an inquiry into the incident. President Draupadi Murmu, Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed deep shock. Bhole Baba has been conducting the Satsang program for the past few days. As Tuesday was the last day, many devotees came to visit him and collect the soil from his feet. On this occasion, there was a stampede and many people fell on top of each other and died.

Since it was a private event, permission was given by the sub-divisional magistrate. Local police provided security outside the venue. The organizers have made security arrangements inside the venue. Thus they could not control the devotees.

The dead bodies of those who died in the stampede were strewn on the ground at Sikandra Rao Hospital, Hathras. Those who have lost consciousness were lying next to dead bodies. The injured were found lying on the ground at the main entrance of the hospital. They are surrounded by relatives. The hospital does not have proper facilities, at least oxygen.

Twenty three dead bodies were shifted to district hospital. The rest of the dead bodies and the injured were taken to the Sikandra Rao Trauma Care Center in Hathras in ambulances, cars, trucks and tempos.

Eyewitness said that this stampede happened when all the devotees were going home and many people died as the people fell on each other. Sikandra Rao Police Station Officer Ashish informed that the stampede took place due to the huge crowd of devotees. The police registered an SIR against the organizers of the satsang. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh each to the families of the deceased and Rs 50,000 to the injured.

Everything was over within an hour and a half. Bhole Baba was in this program for an hour and a half.

Who is Bhole Baba?
Narayan Sakar Hari alias Sakar Vishwa Hari from Uttar Pradesh is popularly known as ‘Bhole Baba’. He belongs to Bahadur village of Etah district. He used to do farm work with his father in his childhood. He claims to have worked in the Intelligence Bureau in the past. He left his job 26 years ago and advertised that he had taken a spiritual path. It is said that he did not have anyone as a guru and chose this path for the sake of the community. He conducts spiritual activities Every Tuesday in Aligarh and Hathras districts. Thousands of devotees attend these. ‘Bhole Baba’ has thousands of followers in many states. A huge number of devotees attended his programs even during the outbreak of the COVID epidemic. Satsang program was recently organized in Phulrai village.

When Prime Minister Modi came to know about the incident, he immediately expressed his condolences. Under the watchful eye of the state government, the bureaucracy is engaged in relief activities. Senior officers of the Central Government are in constant touch with the UP Government. The Prime Minister said that the government will support the victims in all possible ways. President Droupadi Murmu expressed grief that this is a heart-melting incident. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has expressed grief over the Hathras incident.

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