Attarintiki Daredi 90 mins of Piracy Print Leaked Before Release

Piracy is killing Cinema Industry. Movies getting released as soon as they are released in theaters or just few days after the release. Music sales are severely affected by MP3 easily available on the net. This  incident can be called “peak of piracy” as much awaited Pawan Kalyan starring Attarintiki Daredi has been released even before releasing of movie. It is said that 90 minutes of movie has been uploaded to YouTube and then it has been download and copied into CDs and sold in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna and Godavari districts as per TV9’s report. The person behind it has not been traced out. The movie said to be uploaded from California. It is suspected that someone in post production unit has uploaded it for their friends and it has been copied and spread over from there.  Producer, Mr. BVSN Prasad has filed a complaint with police and AP Film Chamber has taken the links to the movie down. Actress Samantha who acted in this film has tweeted about this incidence and urged the fans to report if they come across the piracy. Producer is thinking to release it soon to avoid further damage.

If you across any link to the pirated movie or someone selling the pirated CDs, please report it to the AP Film Chamber at as well as

Update: December 31, 2019, Full movie is available online on YouTube at Telugu Filmnagar Channel

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